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Traffic Jam can be prevented if you:When making a right turn you should:When you intend to turn right or left, signal your intention at least:At an intersection with a traffic light, make left turn only when:Graft and corruption in the traffic enforcement system can be eliminated by:On a four(4) lane road with single white line, you can:A double solid yellow line with broken white line in between means:When making a U-Turn, you should:Signs that are triangular in shape and with a red colored border are called:Signs that are round, inverted triangle or octagonal and with red colored boarders are called:Signs that are round, rectangular with white and blue background are called:Single with broken line on a two-lane road means:What to do when you approach a crosswalk or pedestrian lane?Driving an unregistered motor vehicle is a violation with a fine of:Considered a parking violation?Green light at an intersection means:Steady red light at an intersection means:Flashing yellow light means:The penalty of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol for the first offense:When a driver of PUV refuses to render service, convey passengers, such violation is penalized with:If the driver is using a motor vehicle in committing a crime and is convicted, his driver's license shall be:The minimum distance away from the vehicle are following:When do you have a complete/full stop?On a two-lane road, overtaking is only allowed only at the:Parking is considered as a violation when a motor vehicle:Parking is prohibited:When the traffic light is steady green and steady left/right arrow:What is the maximum penalty for driving under the influence of liquor or prohibited drugs?If a driver is found to have fake or counterfeit license, his driver's license shall be:On a wet road, you must:While driving with a maximum speed and you have to stop suddenly, you should:When another vehicle is following you too closely, you should:The driver of the vehicle behind you should always practice the 3-second rule to prevent:When parking uphill without a curb, turn your wheels:When parking downhill, you must:When parking uphill, you must:When you make an abrupt move especially when you are on a wet and possibly slippery road, the following action can cause you to skid and lose control:Whenever you are driving, especially when overtaking:When driving on a highway, do not stare at the vehicle in front of you, instead you should:When driving on a mountain roads during daytime, you should:When driving downhill on a mountain road always:The headlights should be used often as needed to:At an intersection, if two (2) vehicles arrived at the same time, which vehicle has the right of way?When negotiating a curve on a highway at a relatively high speed, you should:When planning to overtake a slower vehicle in front of you at night, you should:Driving in heavy rains can be extremely dangerous because visibility is limited. What should you do?A flashing red light means: Your speed while driving at night should keep on:One that affects your visibility?When driving at night, you should:Being passed is normal part of driving and should not be taken as an insult to one’s ability, you should:When oncoming vehicle deliberately crosses the centerline to pass another vehicle, you should be:When approaching a flooded area and you have to go through it, what should you do?A single solid yellow or white line means:Passing/overtaking is allowed:A driver on a highway shall yield the right of way to:A driver on a highway shall yield the right of way to:This traffic signs warns you that school children may be present in the vicinity: A driver of a vehicle approaching a yield sign in an intersection shall: When you have to stop at a traffic light:The traffic sign means 'Yield the right of way'The signal warns of a hazard ahead:This traffic sign states direction and distances:The mark for a railway crossing:Children must be held in approved child restraint if there are:Seat belts must be worn by children agedThe proper hand signal for a left turn is:Using the shoulder of the road to pass the right of the car ahead of you is:When a vehicle starts to skid, what should you do:To obtain one’s driver’s license, one must be at least:If you are parking uphill without a curb, turn the wheels towards the:If you park facing downhill, always turn your wheels towards the:If a driver is driving too fast into a curve, he:Never park or stop at the side of the road with a fire hydrant:A driver must park within the curb by putting the car in low gear and setting the parking brake for at least:When parking uphill with a curb, turn wheels towards the:In bad conditions, the 2-second rule should be increased toHow close should another car before dim your headlights?The effects of alcohol in driving are the following except:A steady red cross means:

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Having a driver's license is a:When a coolant container is part of a pressurized system, you can:When you are parked at the side of the road at night, you must:You are exiting a highway using an off ramp that curves downhill and you are driving a heavy vehicle. You should:You are driving a new truck with a manual transmission. What gear will you probably have to use to take a long, steep uphill grade?It is illegal to park:If involved in a reportable accident, the driver of the vehicle must file an accident report to the nearest police station within:Before making a turn, the driver should use the turn signal at what distance?As per RA 4136, the brakes on every vehicle (other than a motorcycle) must:When are you permitted to double park?Driving while under the influence of drugs carries:When taking any medicine, you should:If the light turns red when you are in the middle of an intersection and about to turn left, you should:You are preparing to exit an expressway, when should you start reducing speed?Which of the following is not considered safe driving on an expressway?If you are continually being passed on the right and the left while driving in the center lane of an expressway, you should:If your car becomes disabled on the highway, you should:Describes the thinking of a defensive driver?At an intersection with traffic signals, if you are not in the proper lane to make a right or left turn you should:A pre-trip inspection should be completed:If two vehicles approach or enter an intersection at approxmately the same time, which vehicle has the right-of-way:If you park facing downhill, always turn your wheels towards the:In driving downhill, a driverBefore changing lanes in traffic, you should always give signal, check your side and rear-view mirrors and:A red flag or red light must be attached to any load that extends over:Double yellow solid linesA public utility vehicle can only be driven by a holder of a:The effects of alcohol in driving are the following, except:Signs that are round, rectangular with white and blue background are called:A steady red cross (“X”) in toll ways means:When parking a vehicle uphill without curb, the best practice is to:Most injuries or deaths occur close to home. Buckle up even on:The minimum distance away from a vehicle that you are following is:In moving off, a driver should fasten one’s seatbelt and look in the mirrors. But before moving off, he should:The license of a driver of a PUV who refuses to convey passengers shall be:If the car behind you wants to pass, you should:Drivers of public utility vehicles are prohibited from:When moving off a traffic light:When entering a “through highway” or a stop intersection the driver shall yield the right of way to:On a four (4) lane road with white broken line, you canIf you are driving in a curb lane which ends ahead, what would you do first in order to merge without interfering with other traffic?What documents must you carry along whenever you drive a FOR HIRE vehicle?To avoid a rear-end collision, you must:When a driver sees the yellow light signal changes to red, a vehicle which has already started to turn left or right:On a two-lane road, overtaking is allowed only at the:When negotiating a curve on a highway at a relatively high speed, you should:At a rotunda or roundabout, which of the following vehicles have the right-of-way?When making a U-Turn, you should:Some drivers are constantly sounding their horns, especially if they are in a hurry which is an offense. When is such a situation allowed?If you are the first to arrive at the scene of an accident, which of the following should you do?In case of an accident, the first duty of the driver involved is:A good driver should have the proper attitude for safe driving. What is not a good trait of a driver?Where children are playing or pedestrians are walking on or near the road, the driver must:In adverse driving conditions, the 2-seconds rule should be increased to:A good driver in order to meet one’s social responsibilities of caring for others on the road should:Chances of being hurt or killed while driving are reduced if one is wearing:While driving with maximum speed and if your vehicle is equipped with ABS and you have to stop, you should:If you are backing up in a straight line, turn and look behind you over your shoulder at:If you are backing out of a driveway, always drive back into the:If a tire blows, which of the following should you not do?Road accidents can be avoided and minimized if the driver:Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the major causes of vehicular accident because when a driver is drunk, he is:Recommended as a way of dealing with fatigue on a long trip?When two vehicles meet on an uphill road when either can pass, which of the two must yield?Whenever you are driving and you have to make or answer a call on your cellular phone you should do?When approaching a flooded area and you have to go through it, what should you do?Driving in heavy rains can be extremely dangerous because of zero visibility. What should you do?This traffic sign states directions and distances?The traffic light or signal that tells you to stop before the intersection is:A traffic signal light that warns you that the red light is about to turn on:The traffic signal light that means you can go if the intersection is clear:Before entering any intersection and you can see traffic coming from your left and right, you should:At an intersection with a traffic light, make a left turn only when:A double solid yellow line means:The headlights should be used as often as needed to:At an intersection equipped with the traffic light, you have to:Whenever you are driving on a highway having a lot of potholes, you should:When you come across a sign telling you “ACCIDENT PRONE AREA”, what should you do?When driving on mountain roads during daytime, you should:When leaving a brightly lit place at night, you should:

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The safest speed of a vehicle is according to:What should you prepare for a long trip?:What is the meaning of yellow arrow traffic light?:Blinking of yellow traffic light means:Is turning left more dangerous than turning right? Why?:Yellow traffic light means:True or False: Drivers with Non-Professional driver's license can drive all types of vehicles:A policeman asks you to stop. What should you do?:What is the meaning of broken white lines on the road?:What will happen if you drive with a fake driver's license?:Why should drivers follow road and traffic rules?:Rule of thumb in maintaining a safe car distance:Green arrow light means:Broken yellow line on the road means:A driver is giving a hand signal by pointing his left hand upward means:Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may result in:Continuous yellow line on the road means:When someone has a driver's license means he can drive:Green traffic light means:What is the meaning of a triangle traffic sign with red border color?:Overtaking at the foot bridge is not allowed because:Based on the law, you are not allowed to drive fast, except:As a driver, when should you make a decision?:SQUARE or RECTANGLE traffic sign with BLUE and WHITE color indicates:TRIANGLE traffic sign with RED BORDER color means:How long should you give a signal before changing lanes on a highway?:Which has road rights in a ROTUNDA (Roundabout)?:You should give a signal, check your rear view mirror and _____ while changing lanes:Blinking red traffic light means:Overtaking is not allowed in:STOP sign in an INTERSECTION means you should:A driver should ____ first before leaving the parking area:Arrow painted on the road means:What is the minimum age for the applicant of Professional Driver’s License?:You should stay on the _____ if you are going to drive slow on expressway:What is the minimum age in application for Non-Professional driver's license?:What should you do if a vehicle in front of you has a high beam light which is blinding your vision?:When parking uphill and parallel to the sidewalk, you should turn the wheel:You can overtake in the right side of your vehicle if:What should you do if the vehicle behind you wants to overtake your vehicle?:There are two incoming vehicles on the street of an intersection with no traffic light, which vehicle has the right of way?:If the driver of the vehicle in front of you is stretching his left arm out and gives you a hand signal pointing to the left, he will:White lines on the road is for:Obtaining a driver’s license is:You are not allowed to cross a lane with continuous yellow line on the road except if you are:If you are involved in an accident, you should inform the nearest police station:What should you do when an ambulance comes up behind you flashing red lights and/or sounding its siren?:A continuous parallel double yellow line on the road means:A driver should give a signal when turning left or right on the road intersection in no less than:The meaning of double broken line on the road is:What should you do if you are approaching a curve?:In which place your are not allowed to park?:A red flag or red light should be attachedto any vehiclecardo the exceeds:What should you do if the brake light of the vehicle in front of you lights up?:If you are caught due to a violation, how many days are given for you to settle your case and get your license back?:If the driver of a vehicle in front of you is giving a hand signal and is pointing his hand to the ground, he is:When riding a motorcycle and you would like to turn right, you should signal with:You can overtake in a highway if it has two lanes with:What should you do to combat fatigue and sleepiness during long road trip?:Double broken yellow line in the road means:There are two incoming vehicles on both sides of the street of an intersection with no traffic light, which vehicle should give way?:What should you bring before driving a vehicle?:What is the maximum speed of a vehicle entering a school zone?:What is the meaning of a continuous yellow line on the road?:A driver is considered a Professional driver if he/she:What should a driver take action if his/her driver’s license was lost?:Who are entitled to fare discounts?Driving without license is against the law and punishable with a fine of:It is more dangerous to drive at the maximum speed limit at night than during daytime because:What light shall be used when vehicles are parked on the highway at night?:When you intend to drive faster than the other vehicles, you should use the:If you are driving in the wrong lane, what must you do to make a turn as you enter an intersection?:According to RA 9994 (Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010) how much is the Fare discounts granted to Senior Citzens?What habit will help you prevent getting a fixed-stare and resist distraction?:At an intersection without stop or yield signs, two cars reach the intersection at the same time. Which car has the right-of-way?:Driving with a fake license is prohibited and is punishable by:A driver may load and unload passengers:Those who can't read and obey traffic lights could:Before moving your car from a parked position, you should:When a heavy fog occurs, you should:


Habang nag mamaneho, dapat kang tumingin sa “side and rear view mirrors” ng:Sa isang interseksyon na may “STOP SIGN” dapat kang:Maari kang lumusot sa kanang bahagi ng sasakyan kung:Ang tamang gulang sa pagkuha ng lisensyang “Non-Professional” ay:Bago umalis ng paradahan dapat mong:Ano ang kahulugan ng simbulo na pang-trapiko na kulay pula na pabilog, octagon o baliktad na tatsulok?Ang mga PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) ay may plaka na kulay:Ang isang sasakyan na bumabaybay sa highway ay dapat na magbigay daan sa:Ang paggamit sa balikat ng kalsada para unahan ang sasakyan sa iyong harap ay:Habang nagmamaneho, dapat kang tumingin sa side and rear view mirror ng:Maaari kang lumusot (overtake) sa kanang bahagi ng sasakyan kung:Ang mahuhuling lasing sa alak o ipinagbabawal na gamut ay may parusang:Bago umalis sa paradahan, dapat mong:Ang tamang gulang sa pagkuha ng Non-Professional license ay:Matapos kang lumampas (overtake) at nais mong bumalik sa pinanggalingang linya ng ligtas, kailangan:Sa isang interseksyon na may STOP SIGN, dapat kang:Ang pagkakaroon ng lisensya ay isang:Ang Non-Professional license ay para lamang sa:Ano ang dapat mong ihanda kung malayo ang biyahe?Kung paparada ng paahon sa may bangketa, dapat mong ipihit ang gulong:Ang sasakyan ay nakaparada (parked) kung:Ano ang kahulugan ng patay-sinding kulay pulang ilaw trapiko?Anong dapat gawin bago lumiko sa kanan o kaliwa?Sa paglipat-lipat ng linya, dapat sumenyas, tingnan ang rear view mirror at:Sa may highway na may dalawang guhit, maaari kang lumusot (overtake) kung sa iyong panig ay may:Ang hindi pagsunod sa ilaw trapiko ay:Mapanganib ang palikong kaliwa kaysa sa kanan dahil:Ang pinaligtas sa ultimatum kahit ikaw ang may karapatan sa daan ay:Sa mga rotonda, alin ang may karapatan sa daan?Hindi dapat lumusot (overtake) sa paanan ng tulay sapagkat:Ano ang kahulugan ng patay-sinding dilaw na ilaw trapiko?Ano ang kahulugan ng tuloy-tuloy na guhit na kulay dilaw?Ayon sa batas, hindi ka maaaring magmaneho ng matulin maliban kung:Ang isang driver's license ay maaaring magmaneho nang:Kung ang nakasalubong mo ay may nakakasilaw na ilaw, ano ang dapat mong gawin?Kung parating ka sa isang kurbada, ano ang dapat mong gawin?Ano ang kahulugan ng senyas trapikong kulay pula na tatsulok ang hugisAno ang kahulugan ng senyas trapiko na kulay asul at puti na parihaba o parisukat ang hugis?Ano ang kahulugan ng senyas trapiko na kulay pula na pabilog, octagon o baliktad na tatsulok?Ano ang kahulugan ng berdeng ilaw trapiko?Ano ang kahulugan ng patay-sinding ilaw na pulang ilaw trapiko?Ano ang kahulugan ng dilaw na signal ng trapiko?Ano ang kahulugan ng berdeng signal ng trapiko?Ano ang ibig sabihin ng berdeng arrow signal trapiko?Ano ang kahulugan ng dilaw na arrow signal trapiko?Mga puting linya sa daan:Ang dilaw na linyang putol-putol ay palatandaan na:Ang puting linyang putol-putol ay palatandaan na:Kalian dapat magdesisyon ang isang drayber?Ang dalawang dilaw na linya na tuloy-tuloy ay palatandaan na:Kung ang drayber na nasa unahan mo ay naglabas ng kaliwang kamay at inunat ito, siya ay:Kailangan magbigay ng senyas kung kakanan o kakaliwa sa darating na interseksyon sa layong:Kung gusto mong magpalit ng lane sa highways, kailangan magsignal:Sa naka-motorsiklo na may balak lumiko pakanan, dapat gamitin na senyas ay:Ang kailangang distansya sa pagitan ng sinusundang sasakyan ay:Saang lugar hindi ka dapat lumusot (overtake)?Ang paggamit ng huwad na lisensya ay ipinagbabawal at may parusang:Ano ang dapat gawin kung pinapahinto ng pulis?Ang dalawang dilaw na linya na putol-putol ay palatandaan na:Kung ang drayber na nasa unahan mo ay naglabas ng kaliwang kamay na nakaturo sa itaas, siya ay:Kung umilaw ang brake lights ng sasakyang nasa iyong unahan, dapat kang:Ang busina ay ginagamit upang:Kung masangkot sa isang sakuna, dapat itong ipagbigay-alam sa pinakamalapit na himpilan ng pulisya:Ang kailangang gulang ng isang aplikante sa Professional Driver's License ay:Ang pinaligtas na tulin ng isang sasakyan ay naaayon sa:Ano ang dapat mong gawin upang malabanan ang pagod at antok sa mahabang byahe?Ang isang drayber ay itinuturing na Professional kung:Sa isang interseksyon na walang senyas trapiko, dalawang sasakyan ang dumarating sa magkabilang kalye, aling sasakyan ang dapat magbigay?Kung ang drayber ng sasakyang nasa iyong unahan ay naglabas ng kanyang kaliwang kamay at itinuro ito sa lupa, siya ay:Kung ikaw ay nahuli, ilang araw ang palugit upang maayos ang iyong kaso at matubos ang lisensyaAno ang takdang tulin ng isang sasakyan sa lugar ng paaralan?Saang lugar hindi maaaring pumarada?Sa highway, kung nais mong magpatakbo ng mabagal kaysa sa iba, dapat kang gumawi sa:Sa tuwing lilipat ng linya, dapat sumenyas, tingnan ang iyong rear-view mirror at:Ang dilaw na linyang tuloy-tuloy ay palatandaan na:Ang pulang bandera o pulang ilaw ay kailangan na nakakabit sa anumang dala ng sasakyan na lalampas ng:Ano ang dapat mong dalhin kung magmamaneho?Kung magpapatakbo ng mabagal sa expressway dapat kang gumawi sa:Ano ang dapat mong gawin kung ang sasakyan sa likuran mo ay gustong lumusot:Hindi ka pinapayagang tumawid sa kabila ng buong dilaw na guhit maliban kung ikaw ay:

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